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is led by two of the region’s most respected youth soccer coaches, Paul Brooks (Brooksie) and Shahaab Langroudi.

Together, they won two NCAA championships while starring for Southern Connecticut.

Brooksie went on to play for the New England Revolution and ultimately CF Belenenses where he competed against international superstars including Cristiano Ronaldo.

Currently, they are training elite youth players in the New York Metro area including several who are members of the US National Men’s and Women’s teams.

Welcome NYSC Players To

SB Futbol Summer 2024 Training Camp


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Calling All Players Who Demand High-Level Training

AGES 13 – 25


Ophir Field
Manhattanville College
Purchase, NY

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Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Week 1: 6/17, 6/19, 6/21
Week 2: 6/24, 6/26, 6/28
Week 3: 7/1, 7/3, 7/5
Week 4: 7/8, 7/10, 7/12
Week 5: 7/15, 7/17, 7/19
Week 6: 7/22, 7/24, 7/26
Week 7: 7/29, 7/31, 8/2
Week 8: 8/5, 8/7, 8/9
COST : $285 per week
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Space is limited!

Registration closes as soon as enrollment reaches maximum capacity.

Train with the Best

SB Futbol sessions are highly competitive.

Each year, elite players from schools including Columbia, Williams, Amherst, Wesleyan, SUNY Binghamton, Princeton prepare for their college fall campaigns by training with us.

We also will be joined by US National team players including Will and James Sands and Johnny Denis. Players are pushed hard to achieve a high standard of technical proficiency, physical fitness, strategic knowledge and mental toughness.

Goalkeeper training available!

New York City Football Club | United States U18

“I started working with Brooksie and Shahaab when I was 10 years old and continue to work with them to this day.

Through their coaching, I have been able to achieve many of my goals, such as signing a professional contract with NYCFC at 16, making my MLS debut at 17, and playing for the US in the 2017 U-17 World Cup. With the help of Brooksie and Shahaab, I have improved technically, tactically, and physically. Their training sessions are demanding, and they will push you to your limit.

Without their help, I would not be where I am today as player.”

New York City Football Club | Georgetown University

“Brooksie and Shahaab have been two of the best influences in my soccer career so far.

In 2010 I joined NYSC and played until 2017. I had Brooksie and Shahaab for two years each where they led my team to successful seasons. Even when not being on their team, I spent many hours and summers training with them. They focused a lot on the technical side of the game, the foundation for becoming a better player.

Yet the most important part of the game they taught was character and mentality. At times we would have very intense practices or games where Brooksie and Shahaab both encouraged me to keep fighting and working. It has become a part of my character both on and off the field to never give up and give everything 100%.

I owe both of them a lot of credit with my success and being able to play for NYCFC and Georgetown University in the coming years. They were an essential part of who I am as a player and person today.”

Stanford University | United States U18

“Over the past 7 years, Shahaab and Brooksie have been immensely helpful to me.

Their coaching helped me further develop aspects of my game that hadn’t necessarily been emphasized but which were crucial at the next level. On top of that, their training sessions provided me with opportunities to compete against older players and to implement what I’d practiced in our sessions.

With their help, I have been able to accomplish some of my goals, namely committing to Stanford, a top Division I soccer program, and going to the 2017 U-17 World Cup with the US.

I’m extremely grateful for everything Shahaab and Brooksie have done for me; I wouldn’t be the player I am today without their support and training.”


Orlando City Soccer Club MLS

“SB Futbol is top level training for any serious soccer player.  Thank you SB Futbol!”

Argentina Women’s Youth National Team | Northwestern University

“I have been working with Brooksie and Shahaab for over 6 years now and I don’t know where I’d be without them.

These coaches have never stopped pushing me and have given me the guidance I need to improve physically, technically, and mentally. Their profound experiences in the soccer world, including national championships and play at the professional level are reflected in their coaching of the game in all its aspects. They observe thoroughly and critically, paying close attention to small details that make big differences on game day.

As coaches who have been in the position of players like us for the majority of their past, they are the mentors and trainers any passionate player who wants to take their game to the next level needs.”

University of Pennsylvania

“Brooksie and Shahaab have been two of the most influential people in my life since I met them, both on and off the field. I owe so much to both of them in making me the player I am today.

Shahaab was my first coach at NYSC, and it was clear that he trusted me on the field immensely from the beginning, and I will always appreciate him for that. Brooksie coached me both at NYSC and Scarsdale HS, and always expected the highest level of play from me, regardless of the situation.

I know that without their guidance and belief in me, committing to the University of Pennsylvania might not have ever been a possibility. Thank you!!”


Registration closes as soon as enrollment reaches maximum capacity.

Eat Right to Play Right

Haleh Golafshani
Haleh Golafshani, SB’s registered dietitian, can design an individual nutrition program that gives you:

  • more energy and endurance
  • better mental alertness
  • quicker recovery times
  • improved overall health
  • and greater enjoyment from your sport

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